[Cameroon]: Food and sports shoes offered to a young footballer

Aimé Léonce Djoko, a 6th-year student at CES (Secondary Education College) in Douala 2nd, is a happy child. Food and pairs of shoes were offered to him by the SPOORTS.io platform, formerly ZoneFoot.

At his CFOOT training center, located in the heart of the New-Bell neighborhood, no one believed it. Used to playing almost barefoot, this young 6th grader and football enthusiast sees his dream of playing with shoes come true. Faithful to its tradition of a sports information website that wishes to support sportsmen and women from the most disadvantaged social strata, SPOORTS.io in addition to foodstuffs, bought two pairs of sports shoes for the young Djoko. One to allow him to train, and the other to play in matches with his training center.

Why this gesture?

First to encourage the young player to go to school, but also to give him a little boost in his dream of one day becoming a professional footballer. It is to help him live out his passion without worrying about what he will eat in the days to come, or what shoes he will train or play in his matches. Food is everything a young student and footballer of his age might need. From breakfast to pasta, including other essentials that were offered to him.

The solidarity operation "The Power of Sport" launched more than a year ago by SPOORTS (formerly ZoneFoot, ZoneSports) aims to improve for a time the living conditions of certain young footballers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Aimé Léonce Djoko is the 4th case to benefit from this initiative, which includes, among other things, the free distribution of COVID masks to all students and teachers at a school in Deido. Other solidarity actions of this kind are planned in the coming weeks ...


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