Dino Sporting Club Shatters Records with Commanding 8-1 Victory in TCC League

In a stunning display of dominance, Dino Sporting Club has etched its name in the TCC League history books with an unprecedented 8-1 triumph over Iganmu Tigers at the illustrious Otunba Dipo Dina's Stadium.


This resounding victory not only secured a decisive win for Dino Sporting Club but also marked the single most significant triumph by any team throughout the entirety of this season's championship.


This achievement adds to Dino Sporting Club's remarkable season, as they previously secured the distinction of being the first team to clinch four consecutive victories at the commencement of the campaign.


Highlighting this spectacular performance was Samuel Umoh, who notched an impressive hat trick, securing his first of the season and rightfully earning the coveted Man of the Match award.


Contributing to the goal fest, Dino Sporting Club's leading scorer, Ogonna Hyacinth, showcased his prowess by finding the back of the net, alongside stellar performances from Stephen Ende and James Okpe.


Completing the ensemble of triumph, Chidubem Diji and Christian Nwachukwu sealed the emphatic victory, solidifying Dino Sporting Club's status as a force to be reckoned with in the TCC League.

Evelyn Edefe

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